Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Puerto Rico

 We got into the airport and got a taxi.  Let me explain the definition of "taxi"......a privately owned, semi run down, possibly dented mini van.  You pay based on where you go, how many of you there are and also how many pieces of luggage you have.  We are still in the United States, but English is now an option.   I wish I had payed more attention in my Spanish class in high school.

 The one thing I always notice is the color.  In Oklahoma I'm not sure I have ever seen houses painted pink, orange, yellow, purple,  green.  Possibly brown, tan or white and the occasional dark red, but nothing this bright......we are definitely near the Caribbean.   I love seeing all the color but not sure I could get Randy to paint our house pink......yet.
 Why this picture?  I didn't know Target rented cars and trucks........who knew? 
 I think we've been getting' cheated around here.
 Palm trees....yep were not in Oklahoma any more.  Also I've noticed that most people don't have any front yards to speak of.   I'm use to mowing for 4 hours.
 Another sign were not in Oklahoma any more....the bars over the windows. 
 Heck we don't have curtains.
This was a pretty landscaped water fountain, but it was not the norm.  It was around their touristy area.  Most of what we saw was like previous pictures. This is closer to "Old San Juan".  
Those of you who know my "Redneck" husband are probably on the floor now, shocked I got him to leave Oklahoma....heck Cleo Springs, but this is actually his second time here........
I can even top that ......he LOVES it.    


  1. This is where Whitney wants to go on her honeymoon as Nick's Dad was born there and his grandparents are still there. Great pictures! thanks for telling me you were leaving, I finally figured it out on about the 3rd unresponsive text!

    1. Well I haven't heard when Whitney is getting married either....obviously we need to have lunch. PS I never showed any text from you....who knows why?

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  3. Hi Jana! I'm not the only one visiting other places! You got some great photos, I enjoyed them greatly. (I'm still trying to find an uninterrupted hour to download photos and write up a post!! :)))