Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kayla's All-in-One Board

 Here is a few of the supplies Kayla used to make the board.  She bought several black frames and some shelf liner in yellow, some black clips and command strips to hang it on her door with.

She painted a board black to put in the largest frame and glued down the shelf liner with some elmers glue.  Her kitchen is in black and yellow.  She didn't need to paint the board, but there are holes in the shelf liner and she wanted it to show thru black rather than the wood color.

She printed out her "Daily, Weekly and Monthly" cleaning schedule and put down some decorative paper in the frame, then taped down her schedule inside the glass frame.

This is for her weekly menu and a to do list.  
She created these on her computer and then just printed them out and put them in frames.
Sorry for my reflection in these photos........Cheese!!!

She also did this for her monthly calendar.  She can now just write on the glass for her calendar, menu and cleaning then just wipe off when she is ready to start over.....pretty clever.

 She made this out of a cardboard box.  Just decorated with vinyl, paper and ribbon, 
then just adhere to the board.

This is her final project to hang on her pantry door in her kitchen.  The clips she is using for a grocery shopping list and the other one is for her receipts she needs to keep track of.   Sorry I cut off part of the black frame, but I think you can get the idea.
P.S. Large frame is 24 x 30.

Pretty Cute and organized Kayla......

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From My Front Porch Lookin' Out....

 This is just a few pictures I have taken from my front/back porch.
Seeing the seasons change... this is the same area as the first picture.
 Sunrise, none of these have any photoshop.
Out my front door this morning when the fog was coming in
and my redbud in the middle is starting to bloom.
Something else you might notice......not a house in sight in any direction...

This is my country life....

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Monday, March 19, 2012

My "Baking Center"

This is what I am calling my "baking center".  For years I have had most of my ingredients for making cakes, cookies etc. located in one central location.  I have my mixer and more important my TV (I never want to miss my favorite shows) right below so that it makes it so easy to mix up any dish I want.

I (translation, my daughter) printed out labels for all of my "supplies".  I always have had them labeled, but it was time for an update.   

We printed the labels out on the sheets so that we could cut each label the size we wanted it to be.
Making the font large makes it easy for an ol' lady to read.

I don't like to leave flour, sugar and all the other things in bags, it doesn't work well for me. 
 I am way to messy for that.  Also this way I can easily tell if I am out of something.

These containers are "Lock 'n Lock" and they have worked out well for me.
Brown sugar has always stayed soft, love that.

 I also like to leave measuring cups in with the ones I use over and over, it makes it fast.

Here is the finished cabinet.  

Thanks for visiting my Baking Center in my part of the country
and now I feel like a cookie, or two, three.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stained Walls

 The first time I saw a wall finished to look like this I knew I had to have it in my own home.  We are the rustic type and I thought it would be perfect for our house.
 This is a close up to show the texture on the wall.   The stain colors the entire wall, but stays in the textured part even more, making it show up so much more.   
 This is what the wall looks like when it is just painted.   It is amazing how much staining makes the texture show up.   The second step is to take a stain and wipe it on the wall and then with soft rags wipe off as much of the stain as you like.  
 This is the largest wall we did in our house.  It took my husband over five hours to stain this wall, and lots and lots of rubbing.  It is important not to stain too big of an area at one time, because it is hard to get it rubbed off before it dries.   Another hint, get hubby up for the high stuff.  
(Like the picture of Sheldon on the that show) 
 Here is our bedroom and I wanted it the lightest of any of our rooms.  
This just means wiping off most of the stain.
 Again a close up of the lighter stained wall.
 Believe it or not this is one of our walls that has no stain. 
 It is a very different look without the stain.  The texture is hard to see.

 This is our darkest room.  For this effect we just left on a lot more stain.  I didn't want all of the rooms to look identical, yet keep them all rustic.  
If you decide to give this a try get plenty of rags to wipe off the stain and lots and lots of time,
 well that is if your crazy enough to do your entire house as we did.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Organized Hoarding

Organized Hoarding....Talk about an oxymoron.
 I have heard it said that admitting a problem is the first step in healing, so here goes,
 I'm a  organized hoarder.  There I said it........
See how all of these recipes are in a neat folder, labeled and organized.  

 Unfortunately that leads to this.  I had all of this in 2 cabinets.....neat and organized, just a lot of it.
 Here is a cookbook I have had since 1974.......38 years ago..........I don't know if I have EVER cooked out of it.....I don't want to throw it away now, it's an antique.  It might have how to cook wild possum while your out on the prairie, you never know when it could come in handy.

 This is my give away/trash/donate pile.  The trash bag is full of my organized recipes that were all in binders.  For an organized hoarder such as myself, it is hard to get rid of things that are perfectly "good".

 I dwindled it down to this.  Now I know some of you would have got rid of even more, but it's baby steps for those of us who are new to this.  Why would I throw something away if I still have room to store it?   Who knows you just might need it someday......just ask me ....... I probably have it.

I must say it is so much nicer after, but it is so hard for me to get rid of anything.  
Just for the record, yes I did keep the 1974 cookbook and no I have not opened it ......yet.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrate You...

This week I was without the internet for several days and  I wasn't able to work on my "inheritance", so I decided to make a birthday card with a matching envelope for a friend's birthday. 

I love doing crafts.  When I was in grade school our teacher would take us to the library to pick out a book to read, not me.   Even then I would head directly over to the "craft" section and pick out books on how to draw or crafts to make.  I guess it's born in ya.  To this day I would rather watch TV and make a craft rather than read a book.  I'm not saying' it's a good thing, just reality for me.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Inheritance

 My husband has wanted a barn for years and this year we finally got him one built.  It is nice, big and most of all CLEAN, once again let me emphasize CLEAN.  (see all the shelving outside he gets, and there is more inside)

He got a new  CLEAN barn and I get this....that seems fair doesn't it?
Now don't misunderstand me, I am thrilled to get the entire garage for myself (well mostly for myself)
currently I am sharing it with lots of bugs....yuck!!
I just wanted to have proof of what I started with. 
I need a little sympathy and lots of credit for putting up with a slob,
 (Love ya honey, it is true opposites attract)

This is what I got and this is AFTER  I had done some cleaning
See all of my little "friends"

I will give an update later,  if I ever dig my way through this.   If  I never have another post again,  just know I am buried somewhere in the garage.  At least it is mine now, I just didn't know it would be my burial  plot as well.......wish me luck,  lots and lots of luck.

Thanks for visiting my part of the (dirty) country

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How a Cowboy Moves...

 To the untrained eye this looks like JUST a stock trailer,  
or possibly a shopping cart based on my last blog

But if your a Cowboy/Redneck it can also double (or triple, if were still counting the shopping cart)
 as a moving van,
 And because Cowboys are lazy, ( oops I meant just plain smart about things) we must get the moving van as close as we possibly can.....we wouldn't want to take any more steps moving than we need to,
 even if it means that our tires dig a ditch backing up,  just so we can get a little closer.
 Now I must admit, the first time I saw a friend of mine using their stock trailer as a moving van I felt sorry for them, after all how clean could it be?  But after a while the idea grows on you,  
either that or I've been around it too long and have just forgotten how civilized people do things anymore.

 We eventually got all her stuff,  I mean valuables in the moving van and we were off to the 
Big City of Enid, 
When I look at the picture of this,  it looks pretty pitiful and yes even Redneck, even  I must admit.
 Now when a Redneck goes to the "city" remember he is still a Redneck, so once again we must back our moving van right up to the back door like we own the place. more steps than necessary!!!
I'm sure the new neighbors appreciated our Cowboy way of movie' in......
Just guessin' it gave them plenty of dinner conversation that night
And of course we don't want the bottom floor....
That's no fun, Right?
This is our daughter-in-law Sarah.....Lovin' that smile and just look at those muscles!!
This is Macy, soon to be the newest member of our family, 
We are trying to bring him over to our Redneck ways.......It's called brainwashing.
This is Macy's place for now, that is until they get married in September.
Actually he doesn't really have any say so in where things go now, she just lets him "think" he does.

(P.S. The real boss of the new place is my daughter on the left)

We did all the damage a Redneck/Cowboy can do for one day.
We left all the unpacking for them......were such good parents aren't we?

Thanks for visiting my part of the country