Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shopping Day...

Today we are taking some of our cattle to the sale barn.  Kind of like a shopping mall for cows.
 The guy on the right is Bobby the auctioneer/owner of  the sale barn.  Hi Bobby, he's my friend, he gets me money for my cows,what's not to love about that?

I must confess that I have lived in Oklahoma for about 20 years and had never stepped foot in a sale barn, that is until I married Randy.  I had no need to go....after all try to find a pair of heels here,
 it simply can't be done.

The sale barn can be a little loud, and it is smelly (is that a word, it is now) and definitely not sanitary, apparently cows are not house broken.
I like to be bossy...ask my family.

Bobby is ready for more.....he likes to sell  them and is great at keeping it moving.  Cow shopping is serious business....just ask any of these guys, just don't put it like that or they look at you funny.

It's as if these guys were buying a pair of heels....
apparently size and color is a big deal, and if they find one with a "short tail" for instance, they want it put on the clearance rack,  they LOVE a bargain just as much as we do.

A lot of conversing goes on....kind of like a friend on a shopping trip.......
What do you think?   Do you like this one?   Is this too much?  What about this color?
I'm sure they appreciate me putting it into women's shopping terms.....your welcome.

This is my brother-in-law Rick, he's not here to shop....he wants a paycheck.

Father-in-Law Mic.....just checking things out.
He (like everyone else here) is wondering why in the world someone brought a camera in the sale barn.
What I won't do for all of you bloggers....

And get a look at their shopping carts.  Just imagine how many bargains I could get in one of these.
And just like Walmart, their parking lot gets full of shopping carts.
This is a look at some of their workers.....must be break time.

They are dedicated shoppers, more than most of us, they will go way into the night, as long as it takes.  When we left they were still unloading the "goods" and the shopping was still going on inside. 
 Just like me, they don't want to miss a bargain.

If this is my idea of a shopping trip...I need to get a life.

Thanks for visiting my part of the country


  1. Now if I could just have a shopping cart that size filled with shoes...!
    Your FIL is looking like he thinks you have lost your mind.

  2. I hate to admit it, but this was genius. A perfect ten. The only bad thing about getting a 10 is that now you are expected to get 10's every time.

  3. Fabulous post Jana, especially for us coming from Primary Production background. In the early days we'd take our cattle to the "Sales" but high auctioneers and yarding fees we refused and started selling direct from the farm to the agents and we made a killing that way. (haha, pardon the pun) While the prices at the "sales" were plummeting we were riding high on an agreed and locked in price a few days beforehand. Did the same with our fat lambs. There is nothing like that smell, love it! Really enjoyable post and very humourous! and brought back lots of memories....

  4. Thanks for the visit. Today was a full day of shopping in OKC for me and daughter and believe me we could have used these shopping carts. Her car was full . Dennis I know giving me a 10 kills you, and thanks. Tracey, yes he looks at me like that often, and Rose I always enjoy your comments. Thanks again and again.