Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Redneck Friends

 This is a part of my back porch.  Why am I showing you this, well it has been spring like weather in my part of the country and I'd like to introduce you to my redneck friends. 

Her is a closer look at the two of my friends,
 I knew you wanted to get closer and get acquainted with them.

Any guesses on what these Redneck friends of mine are?

I found these "beauties" on vacation.  They are birdhouses.  When I first saw this one it was obvious where the bird "hole" was....I love all the character in his face and eyes.
But it was a different story when I saw this one......where is the bird hole?  I loved his face and one tooth, but how was it a bird house?  Have you figured it out?

Up the nose.....I know I have a sick sense of humor.  
I'm just wondering if the birds are smarter than me and go up his nose......

Anyway I just need help naming my new Redneck Friends..any ideas?
Anyone with this much character deserves a name, don't you think?

Thanks for visiting my part of the country


  1. The eyes look very real in the pics. It will be funny seeing birds going up the nose!

  2. I've never seen anything like THIS before jana! I agree the eyes are sooo real. I would love to know what little children think of them, and what little children would name them.
    And can't wait for pics when someone makes them 'home'.....

  3. Thanks Rose & Tracey for stopping by. I think it will be neat if birds do make them home, but they might be too close to our back door, time will tell. I always enjoy your visits. Thanks

  4. The one with the mouth reminds me of Marley from "A Christmas Carol" and the other one could be called Picker!

  5. He does look like Marley! Did you get these in Branson?

  6. LOL I like Picker & Marley and ya we did get them in Branson.

  7. I saw those guys in concert at Woodward. Woody Guthrie and Woodrow Wilson. They were the opening act for the Oak Ridge boys.

  8. Dennis I was afraid you might have mentioned some of my family or possibly yours LOL