Monday, March 19, 2012

My "Baking Center"

This is what I am calling my "baking center".  For years I have had most of my ingredients for making cakes, cookies etc. located in one central location.  I have my mixer and more important my TV (I never want to miss my favorite shows) right below so that it makes it so easy to mix up any dish I want.

I (translation, my daughter) printed out labels for all of my "supplies".  I always have had them labeled, but it was time for an update.   

We printed the labels out on the sheets so that we could cut each label the size we wanted it to be.
Making the font large makes it easy for an ol' lady to read.

I don't like to leave flour, sugar and all the other things in bags, it doesn't work well for me. 
 I am way to messy for that.  Also this way I can easily tell if I am out of something.

These containers are "Lock 'n Lock" and they have worked out well for me.
Brown sugar has always stayed soft, love that.

 I also like to leave measuring cups in with the ones I use over and over, it makes it fast.

Here is the finished cabinet.  

Thanks for visiting my Baking Center in my part of the country
and now I feel like a cookie, or two, three.



  1. Oh my Jana, my eyes were bugging out of my head - to say I'm impressed is for sure an understatement. You've inspired me and I'm full of good intentions to copy-cat you (mmm, good intentions - isn't there a saying about them??)
    Hahaha, know what you mean about the LARGE FONT !

  2. Rose you make me laugh every time. I'm not sure why, but I am on a roll and don't want to stop because this doesn't always happen, so I had better take advantage of it when it does hit. I need to copy your happy face it looks like me with a double chin hahahhah love it, or should I say LOVE IT. :))

  3. hahahah never thought of it as a double-chin (should have though as I have a very nice one) My daughter told me (and she swears she's a reliable source) that one happy face is a big smile, two thingies is a chuckle and the more you add on the louder and bigger and more hysterical you are laughing!!
    We differ over CAPITALS though, in fact we've argued about them. She says they are YELLING and I say they are for EMPHASIS, as I never YELL!

  4. Great, now I need to go get some plastic containers! Why do you have to be so organized?? :))

  5. Rose I was not yelling but referring to my age and making larger type. :)) Cheri I don't know what is my problem, but I am organizing my entire house. I have gone mad. Cleaning, organizing and labeling. I have the time and I guess I had better keep at it while I am in the mood, it probably won't last.

  6. Now that is what I call organised. You would be horrified if you saw my cupboard!

  7. You need more Graham crackers, just sayin....