This Old "Farm" House

This is why I love photography.  This is an old farm house that my husband hasn't gotten around to 

burning down.  It is out in the middle of one of our fields and when I told my husband to stop the pickup 

because I wanted to get a picture he looked over at me and asked "OF WHAT?"

"The old house", I thought it was rather obvious, (we don't always see things the same way, can you tell) 

anyway I will admit it is just an old farm house, but for some odd reason I thought it had character and 

thought it would make a neat photo.  When I showed this photo to my husband he agreed, and I didn't do 

any photoshop to it either, it's just that the lens sometimes sees things in an "different way".   I also 

wonder what stories this house  could tell.  Once upon a time it was someones "new" home that I'm sure 

they were excited to move into and now it's just an empty shell waiting to be burned down. Sometimes 

when my house needs a good cleaning this burning method sounds tempting.....I'm just saying'.

Thanks for visiting my part of the country



  1. I love this house! Don't let him burn it down, it's history. Some family with children lived there.

  2. Do you know who lived here? It made me wonder how long before our house was ready to "burn". I think it's cool too, I'll tell him, but he has wanted to for several years, maybe he'll get lazy and not get around to it.

  3. Please don'y burn it...look at that wood! I see coffee tables and bookshelves and tables....Aghhhhhh! I would find pleasure in looking at it like you did...glad you got your picture! PS How far is Oklahome from Wisconsin? (o:

    1. I don't want him to burn it either Anita, he has talked about it for several years and hasn't gotten around to it yet. He has lots of projects he needs to complete first so maybe he won't get around to it. I too see lots of possibilities for it, it is a neat place.

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