Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 I sometimes forget I have a blog.  I forgot to get pictures of the start of this project.
This is 1 frozen loaf of bread and one cup of real butter worked into it.  
It makes great croissants....not skinny ones.
 Roll it out....fold it in thirds.
 Roll it out and fold into thirds......
do this a total of 4 times and let it rest for 1 hour between each time.
The rolling builds muscles.....well it did for me, I have none.
 Make cute little triangles.
  Then roll them up starting at the base.
 Let them rise...I did 3 loaves,
why, I'm a glutton for calories I guess.
 Spread them with an egg wash.
 Oh, my....

My favorite photo....I wish you could smell these,
crispy outside and so light and flakey inside,
and guess calories, they all baked out.

Thanks for visiting my wanna be French part of the country,


  1. Did you use frozen Wonder bread or Home pride?? :)

    1. If I were a true baker I wouldn't use frozen....but I'm not. I'm also sure Wonder would work better FYI

  2. Fascinating, I did not even know that is how a croissant was rolled up! Never even thought about it, I just nip along to the local bakery. Gosh, I'm not indicative of Australian housewives/cook. I'm sure there's some Aussie wives out there who would know all about this croissant making. And, all the other handmade culinary things you make. I think..... maybe........ :))

    1. LOL I just am a glutten for punishment and willing to try something new.

  3. Hello Jana, did you use home made bread dough or store baught like the frozen Rhodes bread dough (5 frozen logs to a bag). I would love to try to make these and serve them to the family fresh for breakfast or even at lunch with fresh chicken salad on them. Thank you very much.