Tuesday, December 18, 2012

JOY...Part 2

To make 3 "JOY" yard signs we used 2 sheets of plywood 3/4" thick.  
Here is the "back" part of the "O"
Trust me it will look better when it is all put together.....I sure hope so.
 Here is the "O", it has the manger cut out in it.
Randy is drilling for the posts to go in.
Put it all together and this is the "O" part of the JOY.
It makes it a 3D Nativity.
 Next Randy drilled holes in blocks of wood and screwed them into the letters.
We will put metal stakes thru the back side and so they won't blow over in our Oklahoma winds.
 I primed all of them.....Pink primer isn't exactly pretty for Christmas,
but a necessary step....so I am told.
Then the red and white paint.
A small assembly line here, 2 coats of each color 
and I used outdoor paint for this.
I will show you the finished product next time....I hope,
I am having trouble loading my photos....wish me luck.

Merry CHRISTmas to all.

Thanks for visiting my "Joyful" part of the country,


  1. Seriously, this time anyway; These are great I'm anxious to see them displayed, firsthand of course. Randy may have to give Cheri a few jigsaw lessons before she is proficient enough to manufacture these.

  2. Honestly Jana, this is totally amazing. Gosh I hope Blogger doesn't give you any probs with downloading the final pics!! We are all awaiting.......the finished result will be jaw-dropping.
    PS: thanks so much for your loving words re (YARna) See the little Princess can still give us a chuckle. :(

  3. Fantastic! I hope to see the finished product soon. Don't you just love Blogger?? Sometimes it can be so frustrating.

  4. Gosh Jana, I couldn't resist stopping by to check and see if my thoughts were right - it IS coming up for 12 months since you left the blog :( :( :(
    I hope all is well with you and yours dear girl. With the Christmas season approaching I am feeling a little sentimental and wish you were still bloggin!
    I am doing FINE. Getting there. Life is not perfect but it's good.
    Take good care sweet girl!

  5. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas time. Happy 2020 to you all.
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