Tuesday, December 18, 2012

JOY...Part 2

To make 3 "JOY" yard signs we used 2 sheets of plywood 3/4" thick.  
Here is the "back" part of the "O"
Trust me it will look better when it is all put together.....I sure hope so.
 Here is the "O", it has the manger cut out in it.
Randy is drilling for the posts to go in.
Put it all together and this is the "O" part of the JOY.
It makes it a 3D Nativity.
 Next Randy drilled holes in blocks of wood and screwed them into the letters.
We will put metal stakes thru the back side and so they won't blow over in our Oklahoma winds.
 I primed all of them.....Pink primer isn't exactly pretty for Christmas,
but a necessary step....so I am told.
Then the red and white paint.
A small assembly line here, 2 coats of each color 
and I used outdoor paint for this.
I will show you the finished product next time....I hope,
I am having trouble loading my photos....wish me luck.

Merry CHRISTmas to all.

Thanks for visiting my "Joyful" part of the country,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

JOY..A Yard Ornament...(Part 1)

About 3 years ago I saw a yard sign that I fell in love with.
I have wanted it ever since and found out my daughter-in-law and daughter wanted one as well......so

 I went on internet and found the pattern for it and was off on a mission to make 3 sets.
Sara (daughter-in-law) was in charge of tracing the patterns off for the guys to cut.
She might have had a little too much help....Jag was helping hold the pattern down.
 After the pattern was traced it was then moved to the "cutting" department.
This was my son and husbands department and I must say they did a great job.
I'm not sure they would wanted this as much as the girls did, but they were good sports about helping us with them.

More on this project coming soon to a blog near you,

Thanks for visiting my Joyful part of the country,

Friday, December 7, 2012

Not all Pretty...to Me

Not sure who did the eye makeup here, but it looks a little puffy under the eyes.
I love the lower part of this one, but the head is not so pretty to me.
Thanks for posing for me.

Thanks for visiting my part of the country,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 I sometimes forget I have a blog.  I forgot to get pictures of the start of this project.
This is 1 frozen loaf of bread and one cup of real butter worked into it.  
It makes great croissants....not skinny ones.
 Roll it out....fold it in thirds.
 Roll it out and fold into thirds......
do this a total of 4 times and let it rest for 1 hour between each time.
The rolling builds muscles.....well it did for me, I have none.
 Make cute little triangles.
  Then roll them up starting at the base.
 Let them rise...I did 3 loaves,
why, I'm a glutton for calories I guess.
 Spread them with an egg wash.
 Oh, my....

My favorite photo....I wish you could smell these,
crispy outside and so light and flakey inside,
and guess what....no calories, they all baked out.

Thanks for visiting my wanna be French part of the country,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Work Benefits

This is a view I get to look at on my way to my "new job".

The pay at my new job is not the best....$0.00 per hour.
but the view isn't bad.

Thanks for visiting my working part of the country,