Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Abuse I tell you

Trust me I'm not that dirty.....and I smell like a dog...... 


 This is the abuse I am wanting to tell you all about....bath day 

I'm cold and humiliated and your taking pictures......
just sayin'



and if that wasn't enough              now the 
 *&#$ blow dryer

       I promise you will pay for this.... 
               if I were you I would 
              watch where I stepped 


This is it....
 two measly treats for all that torture

You've got to be kidding...

  PLEASE report this abuse ASAP

  Thanks for visiting Todd and Jag's Part of the country
They would appreciate any help you can give because
 they have talked around and know it to be a fact that they         are the only abused puppies around.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Easter Wreaths

I got the idea for these wreaths from Pinterest, (My new best friend)  I am putting the instructions on my blog under Crafts, but here are a couple of pictures of my Easter Wreaths.  My daughter helped me make them, this one has purple grass around the eggs
This one was done with pink grass

We made 4 of them and they did go faster with the two of us working together, 
but I thought they were pretty cute.  

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear, Deer

 This is what my husband and I came upon a couple of years ago.
 We were a couple of miles from our house and in the middle of the road was this baby
 I got out of the pickup to get him out of the road.
I just knew he would run away.
  Turns out he could not get up on the sandy bank.
 This was one in a million.  When I had these pictures developed the clerk asked what zoo I was in.  
She never did believe me that it was a mile from my house.  I explained not everyone lives in the city.
 This is a face ANY mother could love.
 I fell in love this day.  A moment I will cherish forever.  

Thank you God for your beauty.....

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Boot Box

I'm not sure how common the term "boot box" is, but I grew up with one in my house.  It's just a place to store shoes in and then sit on to put them on.  Anyway, I wish I had before and after pictures of this project, but my husband built this for me for part of my valentines present.  I loved the way it  turned out.  

 This is a close up of the hooks.  I found them at a craft show and thought they
 looked perfect for my western look.

 I added baskets to put gloves, scarves and other things in.  I might add more and will label them later.

I put one hook on the outside for my husbands hats, he always hung them on the back of my dining room chairs.......no more excuses.....well see how this works.

Anyway, I LOVE my new and improved Boot Box.  
Thanks Randy, it looks great and is better than a dozen roses....at least for me.

This is what country girls want and need.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't take MY acorns

 This is my daughter peeking over at me......Hello Mommy

She was so cute, and she looks so sweet and quiet.
Kids can be so deceiving....

She found some acorns and decided to try them......I didn't feed her much, 
can you tell how malnourished she looks

She is having fun, playing with her acorns, lining them up ALL BY HERSELF, 
but look over her shoulder, do you see her big brother, he wants to come play with her acorns.

Actually he doesn't want to play with her acorns, he wants to take the acorns from her.


And the fit begins. 
 Now I know brother shouldn't have taken her acorns, 
but that face is priceless.
To this day nobody messes with her acorns.....and lives to tell about it.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love Snow when...

1. I don't have to drive in it
(just for the record I hate my kids out in it, can't get over being a Mom)

 2.  I don't have to go to work or anywhere for that matter 
( I don't have a job anymore, but I still remember when I did)

 3.  I don't need any groceries

4.  I can stay inside all day

5. My house is warm
Under these conditions I think it is beautiful.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Trails

Happy Trails

A few mornings ago  I went out with my husband to feed cattle.  It was a beautiful morning, not much wind, which in Oklahoma is a big thing, and for February it was actually fairly warm out.  I love where I live, but lets face it the weather is not the best selling part of it.  Anyway if looks like there is a "line" down the center of the field, you would be right.  If you are wondering why or how it gets there........

I know if you live around cattle it is obvious to you, but I always find it kind of interesting how they will always "file in".  They can be spread all over the field, and when they know it is time for feed they all begin to "march" over to the trail they have made and all fall in.  Kind of like little ants making a long, straight row.............I know it doesn't take much to entertain me.    

PS.  It's not warm anymore winter has hit.

                                                   Thanks for visiting my part of the country

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Small Town and Cokes

 This is so patriotic.....I love this wall.   It is nearly full with names of people who have sacrificed for all of us.  My father-in-laws name is on this wall, and many others who are from this community and it makes me very grateful and proud of each and every name on this wall.

If you live in our part of the United States, this is a familiar site.....Grain Elevators.   To me these always make me think of harvest and our farmers.   They are easy to get use to and not think much of, but when I lived in California we never saw any.  Then when I returned to the small communities it was something I could see for miles away and it would make me think "I'm home". 

I don't know the story behind the side of this building.  I just think it is kinda neat.......that and I love my coke (with vanilla syrup).....I'm craving one now.  I'd never heard of putting flavors in cokes until I lived in a small town.......

They are the best....(Small towns and cokes.....they just go together)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Me, Myself & I

Am I the only one who hates pictures of yourself?  My daughter pointed out that I have put pictures of everyone in our family on my blog and conveniently left myself out.  It is no mistake I assure you.
I HATE pictures of myself,  but I do love a good laugh.   So here goes...... 

 This one is thanks to a great (well she use to be great until she showed me this picture of me) so called friend of mine.  It was taken  probably 25+ years ago when I worked with her.  I was dressed up so pretty for Halloween,  rags in hair,  blacked out tooth and a beautiful moo moo...... no that's not the sound I made, it's my beautiful "dress" I have on.  I had a customer come up to me and say he needed to come back after Halloween and see me again because I couldn't possibly be that darn ugly.        

This one was a little later in life than the first one, but not much better, it only looks like I had rags in my hair for curlers, and look at my son, he looks petrified of Mommy dearest. Thank God my daughter was too young to react.

This was on a trip we took and I found another true love (sorry Randy, but he was a really good kisser).  I loved the dolphins, Randy just thought they were big fish......no big deal.....(I think he was a little jealous, just between you and me.

This one is referred to by my lovely daughter as my "funeral" picture.  Why........because it is one of the few pictures I have of myself and she plans on using it at my funeral.  I caught her reading my will the other day.

She's such a sweet child, very organized and always planning ahead.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012


I love the babies (calves).  The red colored one on the left of the photo is a special one to me.  I bottle fed 

him for a while this winter and affectionally gave him the name "Herman".  Whenever I would bring him 

his baby bottle I would call him like I do my dogs.  "Herman, come on honey, are you hungry?".  I would 

then whistle and Herman would come running to me, I would then feed and pet my Herman.  My 

husband and father-in-law thought I was crazy.  First for calling him the way I did and then for giving a 

calf a name.  You don't name them, instead they "pierce" their ear and put a numbered tag in and know 

them by a number,  you certainly don't give them a "name",  but I did and they even got to know him as 


There is my Herman, peeking around the corner.  You'll have to excuse him, he's a little camera shy.

When Herman got big enough they let him out into a large pasture with all the other cows.  One day  

I went feeding with my husband and saw my beloved Herman .  I got out of the pickup and started calling 

him.  My husband just rolled his eyes at me.  That was until he saw Herman's ears perk up and he turned 

his head to me.   Herman then came running.   My husband just shook his head in disbelief.

Isn't he adorable.  Love my little Herman.

PS...I think my husband and father-in-law still think I'm crazy.

Thanks for visiting me and Herman's part of the country

Jana & Herman


Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Family

Country is...

Let me introduce you to mine

This is my husband Randy.   We married in 2001.   He had never been married, and I had 2 kids.  He was either brave or crazy.  Thank God he LOVES kids.  I 'm sure getting married for the first time at 40 years old and instantly being a husband and step Dad of 2, and then moving to town for a couple of years (this was a huge sacrifice for a country boy) was a change, but look what he got.......instant family!!! (That's a good thing, right?)
This is my son Kyler ....OK this is my son 25 years ago.
He was just so cute I had to show you all how I still remember him.
Dang the time does go fast.

This is a more current picture of my baby boy, this picture was on his wedding day.   Wow that sure makes a Mom feel old, and if I ever have any doubts about that he will be the first to remind me of that.

This is his beautiful bride Sarah.  They met in college, got married, and then Kyler brought her home for keeps.  I'll have to say he did a great job, she sure classes up our redneck family wouldn't ya say?
This is my daughter Kayla and yes you guessed it, she is now 23 years old, but this was back when I could still tell her what to do, not that it always worked, but I could try, now it is hopeless.

This is a more current picture of Kayla.  She has now a college graduate and is a dental hygienist.  She has also recently got engaged and the wedding date is set for September.   Yes we are in the planning stage, we are making all of her invitations, hair piece, etc.  Keep me in your prayers. 

This is the next official member of our family....Macy.   Yes, he has good taste, and yes he is one lucky man, even if I do say so myself.  He has picked her, but he is stuck with the rest of us

Thanks again for visiting my part of the country