Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear, Deer

 This is what my husband and I came upon a couple of years ago.
 We were a couple of miles from our house and in the middle of the road was this baby
 I got out of the pickup to get him out of the road.
I just knew he would run away.
  Turns out he could not get up on the sandy bank.
 This was one in a million.  When I had these pictures developed the clerk asked what zoo I was in.  
She never did believe me that it was a mile from my house.  I explained not everyone lives in the city.
 This is a face ANY mother could love.
 I fell in love this day.  A moment I will cherish forever.  

Thank you God for your beauty.....

Thanks for visiting my part of the country


  1. Oh wow! That is awesome! And to think that our men SHOOT these critters. :( Love the pictures! You should have the one of you and the deer framed!

  2. I have that picture in my craft room. I agree with you about shooting them, I could never do it. They are beautiful Thanks

  3. That last picture is gorgeous. How lucky you were.
    There are deer where I walk the dogs, but I have never got that close.

  4. Wow, Jana - how totally gorgeous!!! Was the little one OK? Did he find his Mummy??? Ooooh, just tooooo cute!!

  5. PS - Jana what type of camera do you use? All of your photos are so crisp and lovely, even the real close-ups.

  6. I love the close up of the baby, he is so cute! P.S. Take your word verification off!!!!

  7. Rose....Yes his mama did find her baby. This was right out front of our friends house and we told them about him. Later that day they saw him with his mama. The camera I used on the deer photo is an older digital, Olympus Camedia,it only has a 4 megapixel I still use it on occasion, I also use a Canon EOS. I was soooo lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Thanks for the visit.