Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Family

Country is...

Let me introduce you to mine

This is my husband Randy.   We married in 2001.   He had never been married, and I had 2 kids.  He was either brave or crazy.  Thank God he LOVES kids.  I 'm sure getting married for the first time at 40 years old and instantly being a husband and step Dad of 2, and then moving to town for a couple of years (this was a huge sacrifice for a country boy) was a change, but look what he got.......instant family!!! (That's a good thing, right?)
This is my son Kyler ....OK this is my son 25 years ago.
He was just so cute I had to show you all how I still remember him.
Dang the time does go fast.

This is a more current picture of my baby boy, this picture was on his wedding day.   Wow that sure makes a Mom feel old, and if I ever have any doubts about that he will be the first to remind me of that.

This is his beautiful bride Sarah.  They met in college, got married, and then Kyler brought her home for keeps.  I'll have to say he did a great job, she sure classes up our redneck family wouldn't ya say?
This is my daughter Kayla and yes you guessed it, she is now 23 years old, but this was back when I could still tell her what to do, not that it always worked, but I could try, now it is hopeless.

This is a more current picture of Kayla.  She has now a college graduate and is a dental hygienist.  She has also recently got engaged and the wedding date is set for September.   Yes we are in the planning stage, we are making all of her invitations, hair piece, etc.  Keep me in your prayers. 

This is the next official member of our family....Macy.   Yes, he has good taste, and yes he is one lucky man, even if I do say so myself.  He has picked her, but he is stuck with the rest of us

Thanks again for visiting my part of the country



  1. Hello Jana, lovely to meet you (via Cheri, I just love her site and walking beside her) She is such a brave and beautiful lady with a beautiful and brave Dennis. I love your site and the introduction to your family was so sweet. You are going to have a lot of followers when you get up and running so to speak. I'm having a few setbacks at my blog at the moment but I'll find a way. I'll be sure to stop by and visit more often. All the very best and welcome to the world of blogging.

  2. Hi Jana, Cheri sent me over. Nice to 'meet' you and your family. Great pics!

  3. Hi Tracey, Thanks for the visit and compliment. I'm new at this but loving it.

  4. Hey Rose, thanks for the visit and yes Dennis & Cheri are both awesome people. I've known them for years and can't brag enough about them both. This blogging is an adventure I'm enjoying. Thanks again