Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Country Is...

What you make it"

Howdy Ya'll and welcome to
"Country Is..."
This is the sign in our drive way & it gives our greeting Country Style
I remember when I was a kid riding in the back seat of my dads car and on the 8 track tape, yes I said 8 track,  I would hear "Country is" by Tom T Hall.   I loved the song then and still do.   For those of you who are unfamiliar with the lyrics, here are a few of them.
"Country is Sittin' on the back porch, listen to the whippoorwills late in the day"
(or hummingbirds)
Country is lovin' your town
(Grandma was honored in our hometown parade)
From start to finish maybe 15 minutes but so much
fun when you know everyone in it

"Country is:  havin' the good times"
(Grandpa raising up Grandma and Grand kids)
Our country form of a carnival ride

Country is working' for a living
(My husband feeding hay )

"Country is walkin' in the moonlight, Country is... all in your heart"
(sunset out my back door)

Country Is...
all in your mind
(even if that mind is a little warped)

Thanks for visiting my part of the country,


  1. Love it and welcome to the world of blogging, you will do great!

  2. Very Nice Jana...I'm gonna enjoy this!!!!