Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Organized Hoarding

Organized Hoarding....Talk about an oxymoron.
 I have heard it said that admitting a problem is the first step in healing, so here goes,
 I'm a  organized hoarder.  There I said it........
See how all of these recipes are in a neat folder, labeled and organized.  

 Unfortunately that leads to this.  I had all of this in 2 cabinets.....neat and organized, just a lot of it.
 Here is a cookbook I have had since 1974.......38 years ago..........I don't know if I have EVER cooked out of it.....I don't want to throw it away now, it's an antique.  It might have how to cook wild possum while your out on the prairie, you never know when it could come in handy.

 This is my give away/trash/donate pile.  The trash bag is full of my organized recipes that were all in binders.  For an organized hoarder such as myself, it is hard to get rid of things that are perfectly "good".

 I dwindled it down to this.  Now I know some of you would have got rid of even more, but it's baby steps for those of us who are new to this.  Why would I throw something away if I still have room to store it?   Who knows you just might need it someday......just ask me ....... I probably have it.

I must say it is so much nicer after, but it is so hard for me to get rid of anything.  
Just for the record, yes I did keep the 1974 cookbook and no I have not opened it ......yet.

Thanks for visiting my part of the organized hoarding country


  1. You are actually getting rid of something?? Donate them to the libray I always go through their cookbook section. I am very proud of you, like you said, baby steps. I'm going to come over to your house and now help you with the word verification!!

  2. Hahahahah, yep Cheri.....pleeease dooo.

    Jana I don't know about the hoarding bit - I just loved the
    WOOD on and in your cabinets....what is it? Gorgeous. And is that seude effect paint work on your wall in the sitting area??? If it is, I love the stuff!!

    I don't have anything against giving you my address.....you know for the homemade gorgeous card you're going to do for me on the 29/4.....I want fame! In the public arena on your BLOG! Oh.....go for it, with a little tiny (55) on it. I wished I wasn't all the way over in Oz, I'd love to come by and have a cuppa with you two!
    Fond wishes

  3. We cleaned out one of the cupboards in the kitchen recently and I was pulling things out saying, what's this, when do we ever use this? We made a big pile to throw out then decided we might need it one day, so bought some wicker baskets to go on top of the cupboards and put it all up there! Room for more hoarding now!

  4. Rose, I am not sure when your big day is? 29/4???? Not sure when that is, but you could email your address so it doesn't need to be public, Tracey you as well to rdietz@pldi.net . The wood on my cabinets is oak. I too love it and have it all thru my house, and the walls are painted and then a stain put over that and wiped off. I should do a blog on it because I have had lots of people ask about it when they see it. Yes it does make it look like suede. Tracey I have baskets as well in my cabinets, they are great for organizing and giving us more room. Thanks for the visits.