Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Inheritance

 My husband has wanted a barn for years and this year we finally got him one built.  It is nice, big and most of all CLEAN, once again let me emphasize CLEAN.  (see all the shelving outside he gets, and there is more inside)

He got a new  CLEAN barn and I get this....that seems fair doesn't it?
Now don't misunderstand me, I am thrilled to get the entire garage for myself (well mostly for myself)
currently I am sharing it with lots of bugs....yuck!!
I just wanted to have proof of what I started with. 
I need a little sympathy and lots of credit for putting up with a slob,
 (Love ya honey, it is true opposites attract)

This is what I got and this is AFTER  I had done some cleaning
See all of my little "friends"

I will give an update later,  if I ever dig my way through this.   If  I never have another post again,  just know I am buried somewhere in the garage.  At least it is mine now, I just didn't know it would be my burial  plot as well.......wish me luck,  lots and lots of luck.

Thanks for visiting my part of the (dirty) country


  1. I'm not even allowed in ours!

  2. Consider yourself fortunate. I had my "barn" and now my wife has the garage and the " barn". :-)

  3. Tracey I can go in ours, but it is "enter at your own risk" and Dennis I am fortunate, but if he had just surrendered it to me to begin with we (correction I) wouldn't be in this mess now. LOL

  4. but it will awesome when you finish!! Oh and seriously still!!!!

  5. Are you going to do something particular with it Jana or just a general cleanup? Its a lovely big space!