Wednesday, March 21, 2012

From My Front Porch Lookin' Out....

 This is just a few pictures I have taken from my front/back porch.
Seeing the seasons change... this is the same area as the first picture.
 Sunrise, none of these have any photoshop.
Out my front door this morning when the fog was coming in
and my redbud in the middle is starting to bloom.
Something else you might notice......not a house in sight in any direction...

This is my country life....

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  1. Hi Jana, I really appreciate these shots not only because they are simply lovely but because I am a very visual person and its nice to have this pic in my head when say I think of you and I have a mind visual of you inside and what you see when youre looking from inside your house to outside. Tell me this makes perfect sense! The top two photos are quite intriguing, first the gate is to the left in the snow one and centred in the other but the most amusing thing of all is that the cattle are facing in the opposite direction in each photo and that made me grin, like it was a trick!
    Fond wishes

  2. All that space....perfect! Sky pictures are always truly amazing. I never fail to be impressed by the beauty of nature.

  3. Rose I too am very visual and I thought the cows looked like we had just planted plastic dummies out there since they were there in both photos. and Tracey yes we have lots and lots of space and I love our sunsets and sunrises, I think that is one of my favorite time to take photos. Enjoy you both, Cheri.......well she's another matter hahahahhha

  4. HaHa, I was just going to say I wish I had all day to shoot photos!! :) C