Sunday, March 4, 2012

How a Cowboy Moves...

 To the untrained eye this looks like JUST a stock trailer,  
or possibly a shopping cart based on my last blog

But if your a Cowboy/Redneck it can also double (or triple, if were still counting the shopping cart)
 as a moving van,
 And because Cowboys are lazy, ( oops I meant just plain smart about things) we must get the moving van as close as we possibly can.....we wouldn't want to take any more steps moving than we need to,
 even if it means that our tires dig a ditch backing up,  just so we can get a little closer.
 Now I must admit, the first time I saw a friend of mine using their stock trailer as a moving van I felt sorry for them, after all how clean could it be?  But after a while the idea grows on you,  
either that or I've been around it too long and have just forgotten how civilized people do things anymore.

 We eventually got all her stuff,  I mean valuables in the moving van and we were off to the 
Big City of Enid, 
When I look at the picture of this,  it looks pretty pitiful and yes even Redneck, even  I must admit.
 Now when a Redneck goes to the "city" remember he is still a Redneck, so once again we must back our moving van right up to the back door like we own the place. more steps than necessary!!!
I'm sure the new neighbors appreciated our Cowboy way of movie' in......
Just guessin' it gave them plenty of dinner conversation that night
And of course we don't want the bottom floor....
That's no fun, Right?
This is our daughter-in-law Sarah.....Lovin' that smile and just look at those muscles!!
This is Macy, soon to be the newest member of our family, 
We are trying to bring him over to our Redneck ways.......It's called brainwashing.
This is Macy's place for now, that is until they get married in September.
Actually he doesn't really have any say so in where things go now, she just lets him "think" he does.

(P.S. The real boss of the new place is my daughter on the left)

We did all the damage a Redneck/Cowboy can do for one day.
We left all the unpacking for them......were such good parents aren't we?

Thanks for visiting my part of the country


  1. Yes, I see my old table and chairs, i loved that set. memories....lets see if I can pass the word verification so this will get posted. Seriously????

  2. hahahha, Cheri makes me chuckle for ages over the Word Ver thingie. I have this "word" challenge going with myself as to how many tries I have. I am getting better!! (er,er, here's where I admit that it took me 2 weeks to figure out how to get rid of it because I wouldn't outright ask anyone!!!)
    I digress - the move! Just loved it, they might've had all those steps to climb up but the trailer was nice and close to the ground! IDEA: You could rent the 'Cowboy' and the 'trailer' out on weekends! or holidays. Oh the possibilities...
    Wow, some exciting months ahead then!!

  3. Rose, I have asked and searched how to get the word verification off and no luck, even my grouchy friends can't tell me what to do. I love your idea of renting out my help for the weekends....I'm always in need of extra spending money. Cheri, Kayla had your table in chairs in college as well, they have served them well and I still love the set, my grandma had the same chairs, love them.