Sunday, March 11, 2012

Celebrate You...

This week I was without the internet for several days and  I wasn't able to work on my "inheritance", so I decided to make a birthday card with a matching envelope for a friend's birthday. 

I love doing crafts.  When I was in grade school our teacher would take us to the library to pick out a book to read, not me.   Even then I would head directly over to the "craft" section and pick out books on how to draw or crafts to make.  I guess it's born in ya.  To this day I would rather watch TV and make a craft rather than read a book.  I'm not saying' it's a good thing, just reality for me.

Thanks for visiting my part of the country,



  1. That is a very pretty card. I'm just the opposite, I am not in the slightest bit creative, and so I prefer to read. It just goes to show, it takes all sorts!

  2. Jana, you are a talented "crafty" and I would loved to have been the recipient!

  3. Great card, I still love my Margarita card. I like to read and do crafts and that is probably why I'm not so great at the latter one!

  4. Rose I just need your address and birthday....Cheri your just lucky to be one of the multi-talented. I've seen your crafts and they are great.