Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Friends making Memories

 This is my daughter Kayla and she had the day off today.  So she thought .........

Let's go get our friend Jamie.  Isn't she sooo cute.  
It was a great day for the park.

Jamie is 9 (almost 10) and my daughter is 23.
I get to go spend time with Jamie once a week during the school year and during the summer we try and get together for games, swimming, eating out,  we have even been known to do some cooking.

Kayla goes along with me whenever she can and Jamie has really grown close to her.  
I just love how they are looking at each other in this picture.....friends having fun.

 Jamie wanted to go on ALL the toys.

Kayla is really just a kid herself, 
(did I mention she's getting married in September,
 doesn't she look mature enough for marriage?)  
This is why Jamie loves her coming along, she gets a kid to play with.

 Every once in a while I made her stop long enough for a picture. 
 Playing is such hard work.

 Top of the jungle gym!!! We made it

Good friends....... making some Great memories.


  1. Aw, melt my heart, how totally beautiful. "Friends making memories" I just love it. Jana you did an exceptional job with the photos. :)

  2. Kayla looks like she is a lot of fun to be around. How cool must it be for Jamie having her as a friend. Really lovely pics to go with their happy memories.

  3. It is a fun friendship and we have both loved getting to know Jamie, she is a sweetie.

  4. Great post, you guys are making great memories for Jamie.

  5. Wow! Loved it...felt like I was there and got to play too!!

  6. you forgot to mention that you were 1 block from my house!