Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Basket Labeling

 I know...here I go again, but what can I say, I don't want to stop now... I'm on a roll.  Anyway this is what I used to label my baskets.  The left is zip ties and the right is "badge" holders.  I got these at my favorite boutique...Walmart (for those of you who don't live around here, it is a all in one shopping center).  They were cheap, and all that ya need to do is print out your labels on card stock, cut and put in the plastic badge holders.  The great thing is you can wipe them off and change them anytime you change what is in the basket.  

I started out in my garage because I couldn't remember what was in each basket....
getting old stinks.

 So much easier than pulling down all the baskets until I finally got go my sunglasses......
deep down I'm lazy.
I have LOTS of family pictures and can't always put them all out at once, so I rotate them.
This made it super easy to find them.

I also love games and labeled these baskets.  I have a lot of baskets in my house, 
you probably guessed that by now. 

 I bet your getting the idea by now and maybe getting sick (no pun intended here) of my ideas.


Thanks for visiting my part of the country


  1. You're sickening! and I mean that in the lovingest way!!! LOl

    1. I'm glad to see your pictures back up at the first!

    2. I didn't follow what you meant by "back up at the first". Also, if I'm sickening, how do you do your cabinets? You don't normally get to look in other peoples drawers to know what is "normal" and what is not. Show me how you do yours.

  2. First off, I hafta say Jana - I'm impressed, I'm impressed. I really, truly AM! But lets go back a bit. I click on to your Blog and see the heading 'Basket Labeling' and I go "Oh no, Jana needs to mess up a bit, get down and get m.e.s.s.y - this girl needs a 'junk drawer'" and then, I scroll down a bit and you open with "I know, here I go again...." and I got a sore tummy from laughing so much. It's never gonna happen in my house, but hey! I'll just visit yours when I need a neat, tidy, organised fix. :)))))))))

  3. Rose, I love your writing, I laugh every time. I know I have gone nuts organizing. (they say the first step is admitting the problem) I think it's a disease I have gotten. I probably need help ( or a life), but I am liking the way my house is looking, so onward I go. After all I don't want to stop now, it may never "catch" this illness again. Maybe I will start an OA Group........Organizers Anonymous. I'm feeling shaky...........I better go straighten up my silverware drawer........

  4. You are incredibly well organised! Actually I was thinking about you a few days back when I was rummaging in the kitchen cupboard for some soft brown sugar. I remembered a previous post of yours and knew you wouldn't have things falling off the shelf as you searched, heck, you would need to search! I thought then I need some Lock & Locks!

  5. Hi Tracey....I do like my Lock & Locks.....I'm shocked you have them over there. Who knew, maybe you have some "sick" people there too who are on an organizing kick. Thanks for the visit, I always enjoy hearing from you.

  6. I do what normal people do. Throw it in a drawer and hope you can find it when you need it. Your collage pictures were gone for awhile? or they were when I brought it up. I can be pretty sure MOST people are not as organized as your are. I have known you for 27 years and I don't remember you ever being this organized. It most be an "old age" thing. Lovingly.....cheri

  7. where do you get 27 years? I started to work at the bank in '81'. Are you counting when you would finially talk to me, (because you didn't for the first few years) or is your age effecting your memory?

  8. Jana, do you have a basket labeled.