Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am not a mushy, gushy person, but this is really a long over due Thank You.


Mothers day is this week and I was thinking about my Mom, which brings me to Cheri.  How?  Well, about 21 years ago I got a phone call from my Mom telling me that she had a terminal illness.  I was numb.   I lost it.  Not knowing what to do, where to go, how to handle this devastating news I got in my car and started driving.  Who can you go talk to about something like this?  Who would have compassion, listen, take the time to just be there?  My car ended up at Cheri's house.  

I walked up to her front door and she wasn't home.  I got back in my car and lost it again.  I was sitting there balling like no other, and I looked up and there was Cheri.   She was on her way to who knows where and saw my car pull in her driveway. You see that is my friend......her plans were second to a friend..  Knowing me as well as she did she told her husband that she had better go see why I was at her house. 
I talked, she listened and we cried. 

Another time I called her at work.  Again I was in tears, (honestly I'm not a crying person) crying hard enough she couldn't understand me.  I hung up the phone, because I couldn't "talk" anymore about a horrible situation I was going thru.  In just a few minutes there was a knock at my guessed it.....again it was Cheri.  She left work to come and listen.  Her work was second to a friend, that's Cheri.

This quote is perfect for describing Cheri, because if anything, she is loyal.  A loyal Christian, wife, mother and friend. Yep, loyal definitely describes her.  
I could go on and on with stories about Cheri.  She has never judged me, (and believe me there have been reasons to),  has been there for me over and over,  has shown me how to be a true Christian,  and made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt.   I saw her face the news of her husband being paralyzed and NEVER did her faith even quiver. 
 I was never blessed with a sister, but if I were she would be top of the list. 
She is an amazing wife, mother, Christian 
and yes,  friend.  

 OK, now saying all that I must leave with this picture, I can only be serious so long.
This will be Cheri and me someday, hopefully not to soon.  
Still friends ( we have to stay friends, she knows too much)......still laughing.

Thank you Cheri, for so many things, but most of all your friendship,

If your not lucky enough to know her, check out her blog.....
trust me you will be blessed.


  1. This is a lovely post, Jana. I could tell as soon as I started following Cheri's blog that she is a very special person indeed.

  2. You made me cry! I feel the same way, you are a very loyal friend. I know we aren't the mushy type but I love you like a sister~! thanks for being there for me.

    1. My dad told me once that we always wait until a funeral to say how much someone means to us....I cried too when I wrote it....No we are not mushy, but we are " old" friends.......and always will be.

  3. I rejoice in your friendship with each other, you are both amazing women who know how to love unconditionally and be non-judgemental.
    I hope I am sharing in your life's journeys and blogs for many many years to come.
    the Rose ;)