Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Firemen's Fund Raiser

 One of the many things I love about a small town is the people.  Nothing against large towns, I have lived there and they have some great things to offer, but speaking for myself only I didn't get to know as many people on an personal level as I do in a small town, and part of the reason for that is functions like this.  It is our towns fire departments annual fund raiser.  (that's a mouth full).  They just move out the fire trucks, and set up table and chairs for everyone to sit.
 Complete with a dalmatian for the kids.  One girl was worried about the dog not cute.
 Sure the main purpose is to get money for the fire department.  Just a note, it is a volunteer fire department, and that alone says a lot about the people who give of their time. (Lots of time)  We had a wild fire out by our house a couple of years ago, less than a mile from our house and let me just say,  grateful for the VOLUNTEER fire department is putting it mildly.  
 It is also a great social event.  You get to go and visit with your neighbors, friends and even family.  
 This is my Grandma in the middle of the photo.  I was having a little trouble getting a smile out of naturally she is friends with everyone sitting around her and.......
 were more than willing to help me out and get her to laugh for the camera....Thanks.
Just love my Grandma!
 This is my mother-in-law holding one of my pies up for the auction, both her and my father-in-law have given years of volunteering for their hometown.

My son and his wife.  They have bought a house in our small town about a year ago, so now it is also their town.  They are here in support as well.  We all had one great meal, all prepared by the volunteers, that alone is no small task.  Thanks to all of the volunteers.

I love a small town, can ya tell?

Thanks for visiting the firemen's part of the country,


  1. There is nothing like a small town! Love the photos.

  2. It looks like your grandma was enjoying her meal too much to smile, which must mean it was good. Looks like a good day out.
    Here's to the volunteers!

  3. What a wonderful way for friends and family to come together - in all of our small towns in Oz we have Volunteer fire brigades and they are some of the most highly respected and highly trained people in our communities.
    what a great fundraising day for your community Jana. Wonderful.

  4. Tracey we love our grandma and it was great food. Rose love hearing how your volunteer fire brigades are so respected, and they should be.