Thursday, May 17, 2012

St. James in Barbados Part I

 As the sign says, this is the oldest church in Barbados.   This was our second time to tour this church, and we enjoyed this visit just as much as we did our first visit.  
I have several photos of the church and so I will do it in two separate posts.  The outside of the church is nice, but it does not do justice to how pretty the inside is.  
 It is not extremely elegant, but I do appreciate the woodwork, the history behind this church and just the over all beauty of it.

Just a little bit closer look at the stained glass in the front of the church.   The people of Barbados are very proud of this church and I can definitely respect that, it is a work of art. 

I will show more inside shots on my next post.

Thanks for visiting this part of Barbados,


  1. Jana, this is a magnificent church, took my breath away with its beauty - can't wait for Part II.

  2. It is very pretty. I like the area above the alter. I didn't see this when I was there. It must mean I need to go again!

  3. Rose, it is a pretty with the light walls and dark wood and Tracey by all means any excuse we can have to go again...

  4. Truly beautiful! In the third photo is it lights up in the raftors?

  5. Yes, it is lights up in the rafters and it was beautiful