Monday, May 7, 2012

Beach visitor

I don't know this lady....never met her....
She was NOT my concern when we went to this beautiful beach.

White water.... and a dragon????

Ok not a dragon, but it doesn't belong in my fantasy of a beautiful day at the beach.

The locals didn't even flinch at this creature crawling around on their beautiful beach. I can't imagine laying on the beach, all relaxed and then I open my this.  Oh, the horror of it all.

In all my dreams of laying on white beaches, hearing the tide splash on the shore, feel the sand in my toes,
having rum punch (that's another story) this was NEVER a part of that dream........just saying' 

Sorry for those of you who might (for some strange reason) actually like these things....
I Don't.....
I just want my soft, fluffy dogs back.

Thanks for the scaly visit


  1. Well you need a rum punch after seeing something like that. Actually you need a pitcher of rum punch!

  2. LOL your right Tracey....after all rum punch helps everything....right?

  3. Not my idea of what I want on my beach. Where were you?

    1. Barbados, I have never seen one of these before on the beaches.....and I could go a while without seeing another,

  4. My husband was thrilled when he saw these on the beach in Mexico. I used my telephoto lens as a barrier. I'm not a reptile person, but I sure enjoyed the beautiful birds!

    1. Ya, a lot of the guys thought it was neat, me not so much, good only for a kodak moment....Give me fur any day over scales any day.