Friday, June 15, 2012

Loft Making Part II

After they got the 3 beams set Randy put the rails up that are going in the opposite direction.
 He had to weld each one in three places and put them 16" apart. 
 I only know this because I got to hold the tape measure, about all I'm good for.
 Then the "real" help showed up....our son Kyler.
Randy was on top of the flat bed and handed up the flooring material.
"Over more", "Back to me", "Too Much", "What do ya think?" "OK, screw it in"
It's  an exact science.
Kyler had got the privilege of screwing each one down......
Under supervision,  do you see that little finger giving instructions.
Did I mention that Kyler HATES being up any higher than he can jump, 
he did get something from me.....fear of heights.
"What's taking you so long?"  "I've got them all handed up to you...speed it up, get the lead out"
Did I also mention they love to harass each other.  It makes working together so much more fun.

Randy loves when Kyler is around, it truly makes doing anything better for him.....
not that he would EVER admit this to Kyler.
Happy Fathers Day!!

Thanks for visiting my guys part of the country,


  1. oh, that's pretty sweet! way to go, kyler! looks great!

    1. Ya, I love to see my two guys working together, no matter how much they harass each other.

  2. Excellent team work. I think holding the tape measure is probably the most important part, so clearly they couldn't have done it without you!

  3. It's looking great! I'm with Kyler I get dizzy if I have to climb a 3 step ladder.

  4. I hate heights, and I fear heights. Nice looking loft though!

    1. I guess there are many of us who hate least of those who have visited.

  5. That's quite the project. I'm not the biggest fan of heights but I can handle them when I need to (as shown by my posts on aerial tramways).

    1. I don't like them, but it is better if I am "closed" in.

  6. Wow, its really coming along great!