Monday, July 30, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

 About two weeks ago I saw not one but two rainbows over my house.  I know that in the Bible God says he will never flood all the earth again, and I am still having faith that he will send rain again. 

A few nights ago it was still 104 degrees at 8:30 PM.  and it is suppose to keep getting hotter.  This is two years in a row we have been in a drought, and it is not looking good for a lot of reasons.  
When ponds are going dry, pastures are drying up, fields can't be planted 
and livestock will ultimately need to be sold.  

Please pray for rain.

Thanks for visiting my dry part of the country,


  1. I hope you get the rain you need. It must be terrible waiting for it, especially when livelihoods rely on it coming.

  2. sorry, sweetie. hoping rains come to your area soon.

  3. It's just to hot!! I know the ponds are drying up. When Dennis and I drove to the lake the beach was so far out there. sad

  4. Lovely pic Jana, and I'm praying, I"m praying for the "wet stuff" for you, with all my heart.

  5. Beautiful photo! I'm praying for rain!!!!!

  6. Special request Jana! The old farmhouse that hubs hasn't gotten around to burning? (thank heavens) well is there any chance of going back and capturing the same photo (angle) with all the summer foliage on those gorgeous big trees flanking the house? :)

    1. Hi Rose and that is a good idea, I love that old farmhouse, I will try.