Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's a Dogs Life

 This is my dog Jag.  He is half Maltese and half Yorkshire Terrier. 
Making him a "Morkie" which is short for......

He has a hard life, can you tell?

Thanks for visiting Jag's part of the country,
after all everything revolves around him,

Jana   Jag


  1. Just take Jag's name and put Deacon in there and I could post that! They are spoiled but we love them.

  2. He is adorable. He has got himself a comfortable spot there. I often look at ours taking it easy after their walk, while I have to get on with the day's chores.

  3. Adorable. All pets should be spoiled. :)

  4. We have a similar spoiled friend, Boston Terrier version. (o:

  5. Our pets should be spoiled and I do a great job of doing it to mine, but then again where would we be without them, they always are glad to see us and they keep secrets....Gotta love 'em. Thanks for the visits

  6. He is CUTE CUTE CUTE - and I love that about 'they keep secrets' Oh yeah!!!