Friday, November 23, 2012

Sugar Cookies

My family loves sugar cookies and so for my son's birthday I made him a bunch.
I refrigerate the dough and then roll it out and cut out the shapes.....
today I picked pumpkins.  (I made these a few weeks ago)
Cool them.   
(don't look at the edges, I cover this up...ssshhh nobody will know)
Then I "piped the thicker frosting around the edges to make a border.
Then "flood" the center.
He is a hungry, spoiled birthday boy......
These cookies taste great, 
but the shiny, smooth cookie looks nice also.

Our daughter is famous for these in our family.

Thanks for visiting my part of the country,


  1. Great job. I agree with Montanagirl, they look very professional.

  2. I thought it impossible that you could still surprise me with your culinary talents......but surprise me you have. EAT them?? Admire them yes......but EAT them??? seriously??? They are a work of art! Randy does know how lucky he is - right?! ;) :)))))
    (got your sweet message)

  3. How come you never share any of your stuff?

  4. They look delicious, but I'm supposed to stay away from sugar!