Friday, November 2, 2012

A Dry Beautiful Summer & Fall

 Yes we have had a dry summer and now a dry fall,
and yes we have had a hot summer.
But this country life can still be a beautiful,
at least to me.

We are still praying for rain,  it is needed so bad in our part of the country,

Thanks for visiting our brown and beautiful country,


  1. We have had some rain here, but by the looks of our irrigation pond and nearby rivers we are still very behind in rain fall too. Our fall has been surprisingly yours. I thought for sure the leaves would just fall off and turn brown...what a nice surprise!

  2. I have actually been watering my yard so the grass won't die. We need rain so bad. Great photo.

  3. We had a tough summer here too--and we will lose trees. Your photo is pretty and the pond looks full--so maybe it is spring fed. Hopefully we will all catch up on rain soon.

  4. Gorgeous pictures. I hope you get some rain soon. I think we have had your share!