Sunday, October 7, 2012

Labor Day Parade

 Here is a Labor Day Parade in a small town.  (Yes, I know I'm late)
 Complete with clowns, firetrucks.....

and best of all small children.  

Randy can not wait until he is a Grandpa,
 but until then he will drool over any kid he can get his hands on.
 We've got motorcycles, 
 and old pickups 
 in several colors.
 all sorts of transportation,
 and two of my favorite people.

Thanks for visiting my part of the country,


  1. love the steer! and that first car looks like one i saw in town, here. :)

  2. I am thinking Randy is not the only one who can't wait to be a grandparent! I almost came up for the parade, I should have.

  3. What a load of fun your town is! Loved all the cars, and everyone looks like they really are having a grand time!