Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall decorations...

 I love to decorate for holidays....I always have.
 This is Frankie...I painted him and all his friends.
Isn't he a cutie?
 My "mummy".  I also painted him once upon a time.
 This is a scarecrow I have had for years, no I didn't make him.....
it requires sewing and I don't sew........if a glue stick won't fix it....forget it.
 My squirrels robbing the basket full of food.
 I have a lot of mums...this isn't even all of them.
 I don't normally like witches, but I like this one, 
maybe it's the green eyeshadow I gave her.
My halloween bowl, this took me forever to paint...I was so glad when I finished this.
 I painted this pumpkin that has a spider on his head....and 8 tiny tennis shoes..
but my favorite fall decorations just might be.....
 the pumpkins my kids painted.  This one was by Kayla.
Such talent, I know.
This one is by Kyler, I taught him everything he knows about painting.
A face only a Mom could love.

These get more precious with every year.

Thanks for visiting my scary part of the country,


  1. Oh the ceramic days, I miss those. I saw the candy corn pillows on pinterst and I thought I saw those and then I saw who pinned it! I love fall decorations. I still have my ceramic pumpkins and dish.

  2. Love all your fall decorations. I used to put out a lot of decorations too, but not so much anymore.

  3. As I mentioned at Cheri's, this is the best tradition ev-er. Noone does it here - at all! Maybe I could start something next autumn.... maybe. Your collection is amazing and I set myself a challenge to pick a favourite. And it is....... ta da...... the halloween bowl. why? because I just Adore owls.. :))

  4. I love other peoples' decorations, like these. But I can never motivate myself to spend my extremely limited spare time decorating like this!

  5. Awwww...I love those last two pumpkins :)

  6. Very interesting art, i like that monster !