Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homemade Noodles....Grandma's style BEAUTIFUL Grandma.  
She didn't want to put her leg up on the wagon wheel, or put her hand on her hip...
She did it and started laughing....I love this picture of her, it was taken a couple of years ago.
 First (OK Second, I can't count) I need to give credit to my Grandma Frances for her recipe.   She got the recipe from her mother-in-law, so I'm not sure how old her recipe is, but Grandma is 93 years young.  
 Years ago I lost my Mom and she had a recipe (in her head) and I never took the time to get it.  I was not going to let that happen again, so one day I had my Grandma Frances make her famous noodles with me.....I'm so glad I did.   
Our family loves these.....they are the perfect comfort food.
 I use 4 whole eggs, but use to your liking.  She measures her water according to how many eggs she uses.  Use 1/2 of the egg shell of water, for each egg used.  
I hope that is clear....for 1 egg put in  1/2 egg shell of water.
for 4 eggs add four 1/2 egg shells of water.
Maybe they didn't have measuring spoons way back, but this is how my grandma taught me, 
so it has to be right.  

 Grandma never measures any of this, so when I made them with her, I (kind of ) measured her portions out.  For the oil she added about 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.
 Some yellow food coloring.
 Mix together.
 Gradually add about 3 cups (or more) of sifted flour.
 Add flour until you can "knead" the dough. 
 Divide dough into 4 parts.   Put the dough not being used immediately back in a bowl and cover with a towel, so it will not dry out. 
Flatten out the ball of dough and start flexing those muscles, 
you are about to go to work.
 Roll from the center out......roll some more....more...more, keeping the work surface and rolling pin well floured so the dough won't stick.
We like ours thin.  This is about how big I rolled each ball out.
Thin enough the edges will look a little dry.
 Not a perfect circle (Grandma's always was)  but it still works.
 Now take the "pancake" and roll it up on a rolling pin to help transfer it onto paper to dry.
I let it dry until it will cut without sticking together too much.  For me this was about 2 hours.
 Then fold one of the circles in half,
then in half again.
 Then I just start cutting...we like ours very thin.....the thinner the better.
 Now just "sprinkle" them back over the paper they were drying out on, 
being sure to get all the noodles separated.
Now just let them dry (I dry mine out overnight).  Then I just put them in an airtight container and put them in the freezer.  They are GREAT for chicken noodle soup. 
 I like to have them in the freezer at all times so I can take them to a friend anytime they need a little "comfort food".

Thanks for visiting my Grandma's part of the country,
(Love you Grandma)


  1. I love that photo of your Grandma. She reminds of Dale Evans. If you don't know Dale she will.

    1. Dale Evans and Roy Rogers....Yes she would know and consider it a compliment. I googled it. LOL , but then I knew when I saw a picture, and yes it does remind me of her.

  2. Nothing better than homemade noodles, I have my great grandmothers recipe and mom made me learn how a few years ago. Some things are priceless.

    1. I'm glad your mom made you learn, I am so mad I didn't get my mom's cinnamon roll recipe, moms always know best.

  3. I know the homemade noodles are so much better. Good for you for getting the recipe!

    1. They are a staple around here in the winter...soooo good

  4. i love that photo of your grandma. such sass and class. :)

    1. Thanks....I love her much, she is a sweetheart.

  5. Your Grandma is GORGEOUS!

    I am overwhelmed with admiration, at your noodle-making, for I, would never have the patience to do such. :( I don't know a single solitary soul here who does such a thing. This is truly amazing. There are no Mum's or Grannie's recipes for this as noone ever did it. They must I imagine just be awesomely delicious.

    1. Oh, you could do them, if I can anyone can, and they are good.

  6. That is authentic comfort food only in a mom's kitchen !

    1. You are so right.....or Grandma's kitchen.

  7. Fantastic picture of your Grandma, she certainly looks like she is a lot of fun.
    I will give this recipe a try. I haven't made noodles before.

    1. Hi Tracey, I hope you enjoy them, I will tell my Grandma and she will think it is great to have someone overseas trying her recipe. She doesn't have a computer so I will let her know.

  8. Great recipe!! Thank you so very much for sharing .

  9. I lost this recipe for a year. I finally found it. They taste like my grandma's when i was a kid😊