Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Taj Mahal

 Well, we we made it thru our daughters wedding.....and even survived it.
 This was where we had our rehearsal dinner.  It may not be the Taj Mahal, but it was a really nice place to visit with family and friends......and a lot of love went into it.
 It took me about a couple of days to recuperate......I must be getting old, but we are somewhat back to normal now, well our kind of normal.

Thanks for visiting our Taj Mahal part of the world,


  1. jana, that looks awesome! totally my kind of place for a great group event like a rehearsal dinner!

    congratulations to your daughter (and to you for all the work and effort you put into everything). :)

  2. Looks great and the wedding was beautiful.

  3. It does look really good. I can imagine you all had a fantastic time.

  4. It was all worth every second of the hard work. Sensational venue for a rehearsal dinner. Can't wait to see more pics - after you've recuperated! :))

  5. That turned out really nice! There's not a better place to host a large group! Congrats to your daughter.

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