Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Few Wedding Photos

 I have had several people ask me for some wedding here are a few
This is Macy and Kayla at their rehearsal
They had not discussed what they were going to wear and both showed up in purple.
 Me and my girl.

 I am "lacing" her up here, it took me forever.
she made a beautiful bride.
 This was how the alter looked.  She said all along she wanted "simple and elegant".
It was all of that and was beautiful with the lights turned down.

 Simple and Elegant was how the cake looked as well.
Well simple, elegant and FUN.  She had her guest throw colored "sprinkles".....
she thought it sounded like it would be fun.
and it was.

Thanks for visiting our fun part of the country,


  1. sweet. i hope they have a wonderful life together. :)

    1. I hope they do as well they are buying their first house today....they don't waste any time LOL

  2. Stunningly beautiful - I had a HUGE smile as I looked and read. Aren't we so lucky to be able to share in these amazing milestones of our lives -happy sigh-

    1. Hey Rose, I did think I was lucky to share this with her. When we have lost loved ones who can not share these moments we do think about how blessed we are to witness them.

  3. I was hoping you would show some pics! Kayla looks stunning, they look so happy together in that last pic. I think the alter and the cake looked perfect.

    1. thanks Tracey, she truly had a fun and beautiful wedding.

  4. Congratulations to everyone involved. You and Kayla have always been two of my favorite people to "annoy", because you can dish it out as well, or better than I can give it out :-)