Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beautiful Bride ...Getting Ready...."Hair Bows"

Yes she is a Beautiful Bride and this is how I see her to this day.

Growing up I made a bow for almost every outfit that she had...
 so the wedding day could be no different.
This was her hair "bow" for the biggest day of her life, 
complete with a flower, feathers, raffia, pearls and even some bling, 
and I love the fact that I got to make it for her.

 We got up kind of early to start getting ready for her big day.
Beauty comes at a price.

And the finishing touch on the hair.....her "hair bow"

I had a few years of practice making them and was thrilled to make the 
"Wedding Bow"

Thanks for visiting our part of the wedding country,


  1. awww. that first pic... so precious.

  2. That first picture is just so cute, and then we see her all grown up and looking so sophisticated. You did a great job with that flower, it suits her hairstyle perfectly.

  3. She was adorable as a child, and beautiful as a young woman. Wonderful bow that you made!

  4. I loved her hair at the wedding! You are to crafty for your own good!

  5. Oh my goodness, is she cute or WHAT??? Oh you crafty thing...... ;)

    1. Hi Rose, the ones in the store were from $80 to $125 for one like this....I'm cheap and made it for about $10.

    2. OM Goodness, ReallY?? $80 - $125?? the little robbers. Then again it is time consuming?
      Does Randy acknowledge what an economic asset you are???