Sunday, May 6, 2012

Take my picture....No don't

Normally if you just look at ANYTHING on the islands they want money for taking a picture of it.   Not this man who was selling coconuts out of the back of his pickup.  He would crack them, cut them open for you with his machete about fresh.  Because he was so nice I thought I would give his business a "plug".  If ever in St. Thomas.....look him up.....Please!!
 Heck he saw my camera up ready to shoot and even "posed" for me.   He was very proud of his business and he was glad to pose for the camera.......and then,  at this same stop there was another man who apparently had been handing his goat to people for them to hold for a  picture. .... and of course a "tip".   I was not aware of this because he was leaving and went across the street to sit when we pulled up.
I was just going to get a picture of him and the goat together.  I just thought it would make an interesting photo.   He asked if I wanted to hold the goat, (stupid me, I thought he was just being polite).  I told him no, but thanks.  I didn't know that  this was his way of asking me for money for the picture.   I think he was irritated with me, because this is was my punishment... when I went to take his picture he put his hand over his face. 

Who knew, but I thought it was funny.....I'm weird that way.  
Always have the camera ready....
ya never know when you might get such a great photo of a hand over the face.

Thanks for visiting my great photography.


  1. I love the stories behind the pictures!

    1. Thanks for the visit, we had a great time on this trip

  2. I know many of them rely on these little schemes for some extra money, but it does get irritating after a while.

    1. I have given a lot of tips out, I honestly didn't know that was what he was doing, not until he put his hand over his face. Oh, well