Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sugar Mill Windmill

 We have windmills on our farm, but not like this..... the "sales" are so long, doesn't it look so pretty.
It was huge.  

 The mill stopped operating in 1947 and is now a museum.  In 1997 the mill was dismantled for restoration, and reopened in 1999.  It has all original working parts and the sails can turn again after more than a half a century.  It is one of only two working sugar windmills in the world today.  (The other is in Antigua)  During the 'crop' season, February thru July, it operates one Sunday in each month, grinding cane and making cane juice.I thought it was pretty neat, but then again I like windmills.

Thanks for the visit,


  1. It is always good to see these windmills in working order. I like them too :)

  2. What a truly wonderful restoration project, this is a very interesting bit of information. Like Tracey, I love them too, had similar in Tasmania and they were restored as well. I don't think they were as old as this though. Great post!