Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sugar Cane Mill

On our tour of Barbados our tour guide stopped at a Sugar Cane Mill.  Our small group enjoyed this in part because most of our group was from farming communities.

 This semi was unloading a truck full of the "good stuff".   I'm trying to figure out how this can not be good for me....isn't this "natural" and "vegetables at their finest"?

A closer look at the sugar cane.....
doesn't exactly look like the bowl of white sugar that I'm use to seeing.

I'm not sure what they call this, but in a nut shell it's the trash from the sugar cane...just so ya know.

I had never tasted raw sugar cane and it was sweet, but not as much as I expected.  Also it was fine to suck on it, but somewhat "splintery", or at least that's how I would describe it.

Here was our tour guide for the day.  He was great.  He was the first tour guides we had ever had that LOWERED the price of our tour because he said that was the fair thing to do. 

We liked him so well we paid the original amount plus a tip.  
He was one of the best tour guides we have had.

Thanks for visiting this "sweet" part of the country,


  1. Who is that woman with your husband? How did I miss this post?

  2. She was a lady on the tour with us. As for the post it's a weird story. I posted it by accident, it wasn't done. I took it off and posted a different post and when I put this one back on it put it in the original place. Who knew?