Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I have had recent guilt.  I blogged about how beautiful the flowers were on my recent trip to the Caribbean and so I thought I would take a picture of Oklahoma's beautiful flowers....
I found the dandelion.

 I played with it...tweeking it a little....giving it the golden look
 Here I tried to give it the "soft" look

My family thinks I have gone crazy.  You should have seen my husband when he saw me out on a country road, down on my knees taking a picture of a dandelion....."You've got to be kidding me"
My daughters reply when I showed her the picture was "Oh, ya"

Maybe I need to get out of the house more, I thought they were "kinda purty!!"
Thanks for visiting my weed patch


  1. When you look at the detail in them, they are pretty amazing. I noticed a few appearing on our front lawn, and they look so bright and cheerful, and yet we tear them out. (Well we couldn't let the neighbours think we are slovenly now, could we, lol).

  2. I have a friend who has a perfectly manicured lawn NO weeds. Their neighbor thinks that dandelions are beautiful and encourages the growth of them.......it does not make for a good arrangement. These are actually the large ones that are out in a field, not really the short ones in the yard, but the closest thing I knew to name them.....

  3. They are a favorite of mine! What other "flower" can you make a wish upon!

    1. Sometimes in our yard if you wished for $1 each time you could be a millionaire. LOL

  4. I took dandelion pictures too the other day...great minds think alike! Your story on friendship was very touching...good to let special friends know they are appreciated.
    So, your dog snores too...like ours, in YOUR bed? It's horrible! (o:

    1. Yes it is good to tell friends they are appreciated, it is hard for me to do so, she is a very loyal friend and we have known each other a long time. My dog sleeps on the floor...on the right side of my bed, my husband is on the left side and sometimes I get snoring in stereo....;) Thanks for the visit and comment