Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Canadian Family...

 All families are really all the same.......it doesn't really matter if they are birds or people.
When they got ready to leave Mom and the kids had a different plan than Dad did.
 Mom and the kids went left, I'm guessing there was more shopping and playing to do.
 Do you see 2 of the babies turning their heads, that is because Dad went right and is
 HONKING over and over, 
apparently he has had enough shopping for one day and is ready to go home.
 "OK kids, turn around and lets go with Dad , he's ready to go home"
 "Hurry, he says he will leave us"
 "We're coming, we're coming!!"
 "What is the big hurry?"
 "I'm ready to go home, I had a hard day at work" 
"I'm hungry Mom, what's for dinner?"
"I know some kids that are going to eat and go straight to bed" 
"But Mom.....We're not tired"
"Are we there yet?"

You see all families really are the same.

Thanks for visiting the Canadians part of the country,


  1. How funny! Typical dad. I bet if he had one, he'd also sit in his car with the engine running, while Mrs Goose tried to get herself and the kids ready to leave.

    1. How true Tracey, all families are the same, it also doesn't matter where they live. LOL

  2. Love the photos and your narrative Very cute and clever.

  3. Replies
    1. I have a different way of looking at things sometimes...at least that is what my family says LOL

  4. Remember all those geese at Select, they kept my sanity!

    1. animals do make great therapy...they always listen and can keep a secret

  5. Amazing footage Jana and so entertaining. Aren't they just so beautiful. What a treat for me!! :)