Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Stockings

 I have always been told that I see things different than most people....good or bad.
When I saw this house falling down I first thought it looked like a great photo and then....
I saw Christmas stockings.
I got my husband to go out and get some boards from the house.

 Then I got a pattern from the internet and he cut me out some stockings.
 I had some ribbon and first made some bows out of, and tied with wire.
 Then took some greenery with pinecone (this is actually one bunch that I took apart). works with us.  A Rusty snowflake and bell.
 Tied them all together, the bow, greenery, snowflake and bell.
Then just stapled them onto the stocking.
I'm going to hang them outside for Christmas.
They are rustic and fit our house perfect for the holidays.

Thanks for visiting our part of the country,


  1. P.S. Real women cut their own stockings! lol

  2. Oh fun! Very clever. You have many talents!!

  3. Good idea! They look great.

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