Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rocking the Drive

 Now that we have our barn up it's time to help get rid of our muddy driveway. We had put down several loads of "rock" earlier, but it ended up too much dirt in it and whenever we would get rain,
 we also got mud.  
So we pulled out the "big guns" and got just rock this time.
Remember we are having our rehearsal dinner and if it rains (we are always hopeful) we don't want a muddy mess.....Mud and weddings don't mix well.

Here is my Father-in-law is helping spread it around.

 Here is hubby starting to spread it out.

 Well as it turns out 2 more loads of rock wasn't enough........so

 we ordered 2 more loads......it's only money right.

 I was surprised this is how they emptied their load.

Whenever we had our first "dirt" hauled in, they dumped it out the bottom of the bed.
This way was new to me. 

 After it was all spread we had to water all of it. 
 First to help with this dust....it was almost as bad as the mud and 
second to help make it hard......don't ask me why, but watering it does help it to "harden up"
...kind of like cement. 

I never think that the pile they leave looks like very much, but 
thank goodness this time it was....
we were tired of spreading it, watering it and 
even more tired of paying for it,

but it looks great!!!!

Thanks for visiting our rocky part of the country,


  1. we had 6 dumptruck loads brought in to concrete rock our driveway a couple of years ago. should have gone and gotten 8 but i was trying to conserve money. the thinner spots definitely could use a bit more, but even still, it is much better than the clay/rock mix we had down before it.

    1. I understand that, we didn't finish all the way down our drive. This time we were trying to get it around our barn...at least for now.

  2. Looking good indeed! It also looks like an awful lot of hard work went it to getting it this way!

    1. It was a lot of work, but it will be worth it for her wedding reception and hopefully this winter it will not get so muddy.

  3. Loved looking at the progression and that big trailer was something - just curious though (gosh what's new hey?) but did they use a "roller" to compact it all in? Over here when we'd make a road, we totally had to compact it in with the "roller" behind the tractor otherwise it just wouldn't last the distance.
    It's really looking GOOD!

    1. Hi Rose, I LOVE that you always have questions, it lets me know your actually looking at my blog LOL. Anyway, we don't have a "roller". I'm not sure why it does, but when it was wet down all that dust helped it get a lot harder and I have been surprised how solid it is. My husband says this is the kind of rock that they use around here on oilfield locations for the semi trucks to drive on.

    2. Aha! v.e.r.y. interesting! After reflection I remembered that there was a particular road gravel here that didn't require rolling either and wetting down was usually good enough.
      With our farming backgrounds, I just love love comparing and questioning stuff and how things tick etc etc. :)) between our two worlds!

  4. I'm sure glad Kayla decided to have the rehearsal dinner there so you could have all these neat things done!!

    1. LOL I told Randy if we survive it will be good to get things caught up other wise this would have taken us 5 years to get all this done. I also suggested we have a wedding here every couple of years to keep things up......I can't type what he said about that LOL

  5. Yup, that reception sure did speed things up for you. You'll be very glad with your rocked driveway.