Sunday, July 22, 2012

Garage After.....I'm Tired.....I'm Obsessed...

 I won't say that I was excited to get the entire garage for myself
 That would be putting it too lightly.....I was like a kid in a candy store.....
a very dirty, filthy, buggy candy store, but it was all mine.
What a pitiful life I have when that excites me.....get a life Jana, 
(I also talk to myself)
My dog Todd is amazed he can now see the floor.   A side you see all the carpet, well being the cheapskate that I am, I went to the carpeting store and asked for free scraps.
I got a 12' x 12' piece of carpet.......FREE.
I never dreamed that big of a piece would be considered "scrap".  
 I started off be cleaning off every cabinet, one at a time.  I then cleaned it and painted.  I ended up painting the ENTIRE garage, one shelf/cabinet and wall at a time. 
 I then started in on the slow ( and I do mean slow) process of organizing.  
I kept telling myself no one else was going to do this for me....
Thru the entire process no one ever wanted to help me,
 I know this probably shocks you,  it did me.....NOT.  
 This is all my "taking meals to the field" section.  I bet not many of you have or need this section....
Also a few large cookers.
 After I got things organized into sections I went thru the process of labeling EVERYTHING.
This took a lot longer than I thought it would, but was well worth the time. 
 I put on a new countertop, (I got lucky and found one that matched what I have in my house)
I then added the pegboard to the back, got baskets and hooks for it.  I then went shopping for the tools I use around the house.  
It is now a joke around here that if it is a "yellow" tool it is mine, HANDS OFF.
 On the opposite side I added 2 large pegboards and put all my gardening tools and added 2 magnetic strips to hang small tools on to make it quick and easy to get to.
This was a purchase I made for our "sport" equipment.  That is a joke, we really don't have much, but what little we do have I couldn't figure out how to store, and then I found this shelving unit and it was perfect and it fit where I wanted it to go.
See the folding chairs....yes that is sporting equipment to me and Randy....
I added this note just to see if anyone is actually reading this stuff. 
Another section is my craft and miscellaneous section.   I already had these tubs, but I emptied each one and went thru, organized and labeled them. 

This was my spring project and now that it is thru I am so glad I did it...
and yes Randy is off limits now. LOL

P.S.  No WD40 can, but lots of labels, containers and baskets.

Also, an added note, I have had one viewer who wants a "challenge" to see your garage photos, so if you have some let me know and I would love to see them.  I have no life can you tell.

Thanks for visiting my part of the country,


  1. yes, you ARE obsessed! but it looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness, obsessed or not, I LOVE what you did. I'm a lot like that too, actually.

    1. Ya another person who likes to organize....I'm not alone=)

  3. Replies
    1. LOL Thanks so much Garen I can feel the Love...LOL LOL between your two posts I have had a great laugh.

  4. I cannot deny that I am overwhelmingly impressed and downright green with envy at your diligence and patience, not to mention organisational abilities. You bought shares in the 'container' company right? :))))))
    OK, in the next couple of posts at my place I'll do the Garage Challenge!
    Hahaha, in the 'before' of your garage I actually had a ball looking at all the stuff and was thinking "oh wow I've got a can of that" and "oooh how bout that they have that over the other side of the world toooo"
    This was a fun post, I enjoyed it immensely. I was also thinking I could have you permanently employed - between your photography skills and organisational ones it would not be hard (I managed a regional employment agency in another life)

    1. LOL LOL LOL Rose where do I begin, I am laughing too much. First I have had the containers for years, my organizing side wanted new (nicer) ones, but my cheapskate side wouldn't allow it. I am amazed at how much "talk" this post has made, it has been a fun one. WARNING WARNING WARNING it took a lot of hours. First of all I don't have an outside job, this gives me a lot more hours a day to work on it. Second I am obsessed and LOVE things cleaned and organized, so for me it drives me crazy until it is in "order", it's a sickness I think. LOL Good luck and I look forward to seeing future posts.

    2. I swore that I would just read your reply and politely go away - but, I cannot be silenced on one point. You "have had the containers for years"???????? why? there's hundreds of them. Where have they been and what did you use so many for before. And if you "would have" bought new ones if you weren't such a 'cheapskate' to whom were you going to donate these little beauties?? or, to what use were THEY going to be put??
      I. loooooove. this. post. :)))) ;)

    3. LOLOLOLLOLO You have me laughing again Rose. OK I have had some on these shelves with some of my things in them and some in my attic that I keep holiday things in. I was going to offer them to my kids....never too early to start them on this addiction. LOL (Just for the record, I have warped both of my kids, they are both organized) They don't snap shut all the time and new ones have a better "closure" on them now. I had another attic. I dare not let you see how many large containers I have up there with my holiday decorations in. I could get you going crazy for my insanity on that subject. LOL

    4. Bwahahahahaha, I was going to mention attic before, but I didn't want to lead you there. (We don't have them here) I would LOVE for you to show some pics of your attic! Isn't this amazing - you will not believe, but I am in the middle of doing the Garage Challenge post (should be up in a hour or so) and looked up in the corner of the laptop screen and noticed a msg waiting in my inbox and "voila" it was you Jana. Dontcha just love this techno world and what it gives us? It's 8.50am here, very chilly - enough for a light fire going anyway and the sun is shining! :)

  5. Holy moly! Will you come and organize my garage? :) It looks awesome!

  6. That sounds like my garage looks awesome...I meant YOURS looks awesome! My is a disaster!!! :)

    1. Thanks for the compliments, and remember I don't have 3 little ones to keep me busy all day and you do. When mine were little I didn't have it organized...instead memories were far more important, there will always be time for organizing when they are gone.....spend time with them while they are little.

  7. I am so going to show this post to my husband. The garage is his space, and it is almost possible to get in there as it is piled high with clutter.

    1. I'm not so sure that I want a husband in England mad at me and I haven't even met him yet. LOL. Thanks for stopping by Tracey and my husband still likes his things different (meaning cluttered) than me. LOL

  8. You have a sickness...just saying:)

  9. Wow, I wish I had one room to myself. My CD collection is in the utility closet, that's the closest to my room in my house.

    1. I do like having this but I only got it because my husband got an entire barn, but I am enjoying it